Security Window Film

Security window film is the first line of defense by providing a barrier that helps hold glass in place upon impact, even when force is brought against the glass.


  • Security window film stops shards of glass from flying upon impact

  • Keeps tenants and occupants safe during impact

  • Protects interior assets from harm and theft


By providing a layer of protection with security window film, attempts at breaking through the glass can be delayed, which could help stop or reduce the security threat (see video).



Applications of Security Window Films:

  • All retail locations and malls

  • "Smash-and-grab" theft

  • Vandalism vunerability

  • Hospitals/Health facilities

  • Pain management clinics

  • Rehabalition facilities

  • Schools & Universities

  • Restaurants & bars

  • Commercial office space

  • Government buildings

  • Drive-thru windows

  • Vending machines

  • Pharamacies

  • Hotels & Motels

  • Bail bonds locations

  • Check cashing stores

  • Window displays cases

  • Warehouses & storage facilities

Watch: Securitiy Window Film in action during a real "attempted Break in"

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