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Hospital  Window Film Solutions

Benefits of Window Film in Hospitals
Hospitals and health care facilities, have started  installing  window film as a means for both protection and energy efficiency.


In the case of a natural disaster, medical facilities need to have a plan for patients’ safety. Specially designed window films reduce the risk of damages by helping shattered glass hold together, preventing flying shards of glass and protecting the patients and the valuable medical equipment.


Shattered glass can expose a hospital building or hospital rooms, along with expensive medical equipment to intruders and theft.


Window film rejects 99% of harmful UV rays that cause skin cancer, providing another form of protection for hospital patients. It can also block up to 86% of the sun’s heat, making a medical facility more comfortable for those being treated.


The significant reduction of the sun’s heat aids in the building’s energy efficiency as less energy is needed from the HVAC cooling systems and can save up to 30% of a building’s cooling costs.

After: Impact Solar Control Window Film installation 

(top row)


Before: Impact Solar Control Window Film application

(bottom row)

Doctors Analyzing MRI

Custom floral decorative film glass enclosure provides a visible barrier around the workstation separating it from the waiting room.

Opaque privacy film has been installed on exam room doors for privacy.


Frosted decorative privacy film on sliding glass creates additional privacy superior to curtains alone.

3D Scans

Window film also reduces screen glare on computer monitors.

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