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Anti-Graffiti Window Film 



The Solution:

Anti-graffiti film is a proven solution to cost-effectively mitigate graffiti damage as well as wear and tear scratches on glass doors.

Unique adhesive that bonds it to glass, Graffiti Films remains attached to the window, binding the glass together and keeping it intact.


  • The film is invisible -vandals won't even know that it's there

  • It's easily removable

  • Built in scratch-resistant coating

  • Effortless maintenace

  • Reduces/eliminates the need for entire window glass pane replacement

  • One single replacement of a window glass pane can exceed 10 to 20 times the entire cost of anti-graffiti film installation




offers a complete surface protection system for windows and surfaces that are vulnerable to damage  by  Vandals targeting  and  tagging window glass and other surfaces in public places, using etching tools, acid, paint and permanent markers.



When Vandals Strike:

The film is simply removed along with the tags, revealing the unspoiled glass surface ready for the new anti-graffiti film replacement.

Removing the graffiti quickly discourages vandals from getting the recognition they were trying to achieve.

Beyond Graffiti Protection

Because it keeps the glass intact for longer than it normally takes to shatter a window, Graffiti Films offers a powerful deterrent to the smash-and-grab robber, and  it also rejects up to 99% of the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays to dramatically reduce fading and deterioration of the items behind the glass. Especiallly retail window display cases.

Recommended Commercial Appilcations:

  • Department stores & malls

  • Ground-level building exteriors

  • Municipal transit systems

  • Subway windows & doors

  • Buss & bus stop stations

  • Hospitals & rehab facilities

  • Office buildings

  • Window display cases

  • Movie theatres 

  • Public bathroom mirrors

  • Elevators doors

  • Schools & Universities

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