School Security Film Solutions

A proven technology, security films work to delay forced entry giving administrators and school resource officers valuable time to respond to active shooters or windstorm events.


  • Impact Resistant

  • Holds glass in place if window breaks

  • Installed on interior of existing windows

  • Blocks inside view from outside

  • Affordable, practical, effective

  • Lower energy costs

  • "All-season" climate control

  • Reduces inside heat in warm weather

  • Provides insulation in cold weather

  • Controls annoying sun glare

  • Makes classrooms more comfortable

  • Provides a better learning environment by reducing distraction

Intruders can not see inside the windows from the outside

Graffiti and vandalism can cost a school a great deal of money in repairs.

It also  contributes to a perception that the school is not well-cared for and is an unsafe environment for both students and staff.


Because the writing of graffiti and acts of vandalism are usually carried out in secret, schools may discover that these types of acts are difficult to curb.


Student bathroom mirrors are most often recurring targets for property destruction and graffiti in schools

Graffiti on schools windows and glass doors, are often spontaneous sensless acts of "youthful exuberance," such as senior pranks

Solution: Anti-Graffiti Window Film

  • Installed on any glass surface - windows, doors and mirrors

  • Interior or exterior installation

  • Invisiable appearance

  • Quick removal and replacement

  • Built in scratch-resistant coating

  • Inexpesive & cost effective

  • Reduces/eliminates the need for entire window glass pane or mirror replacement

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