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Decorative Window Film


  • Removable

  • Inexpensive

  • Alternative to etched glass

  • Productive work environment 

  • Minimizing employee distraction

  • Multiple styles patterns, colors, textures, custom logos




Decorative window film for the office and commercial space benefits: 

  • Frosts - Ensures privacy and is inexpensive compared to the cost etched glass

  • Patterns - Match décor and aesthetic with any design from classical to edgy

  • Textures - Cover specialty windows & authentically simulate textured glass

  • Gradients - Hide unattractive areas tastefully, with a modern design element

  • Specialties - Mask light, add privacy, or use a bright bold pop of color



Recommened Office Applications:

  • Conference rooms

  • Lobbies & Waiting rooms

  • Glass doors

  • Glass partitions

  • Cubicles offices

  • Any glass surface

  • Exterior facing windows

Decorative Film for the Home

Decorative film for your home is an ideal way to create a lasting feature or quick design update.


  • Shower enclosures – Shield views, add patterns or play with color

  • Glass cabinet doors – Hide clutter or refresh the style of a room

  • Glass tabletops – Give new life to old furniture styles

  • Exterior windows – Add privacy or create a mood with filtered light

  • Sliding closet doors or room dividers- Creates separte room space and conceals views for a functional modern look

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