Impact Resistant Window Film



Impact Film is clear or tinted  crates a strong film bonds to windows with a special adhesive, creating a tough barrier that helps keep the glass together under the worst weather conditions .



  • Adds an Impact Resistant Layer to your glass.

  • Holds glass together in case of breakage

  • Clear or Tinted

  • Different Strengths for differnt levels of protection

  • Inexpensive to install

Impact Window Films offer a high level of protection against natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornados, and earthquakes.

earthquake impact window film  safety protection shatter proof Hurricane and storms UVA and UVB Protection Burglar resistant Bomb blast resistant Available in several strengths Reduces outside noise Available clear or tinted colors Manufacturer's warranty

Impact Resistant Window Film 

Regular Unprotected Windows

When windows give way, shards and debris can cause severe danger and damage - while exposing your building's interior to water, wind and other dangerous elements.